Quiet courtyard home
in the heart of the city

A London home nestles neatly between two rows of terraces on a tight urban site within a historic conservation area.

The old house required demolition in its entirety leaving just the party walls either side. The stucco fa├žade was then faithfully rebuilt and enhanced in harmony with the street with the addition of a new porch.

The site is a long narrow slot which becomes larger towards the middle of the plan. The proposal was to create a modern, light and efficient home, highly crafted, with an external courtyard at its centre.

To minimise the transition between inside and out, the living space connects directly to the courtyard with internal walls running flush with external walls.

Glimpses of planting accents and reflections are visible throughout, drawing you into the house and heightening a sense of connection with the outside.

The home is simultaneously both open and private despite the close proximity of 12 neighbouring properties.

Internal spaces hinge around an oak staircase with circular skylight above where natural light floods the depth of the plan.

McLean Quinlan
Interior Design
McLean Quinlan
Structural Engineer
Frank Van Loock Associates
Baillie Knowles Partnership
En Masse Design
Blake Builders
Peter Cook