A contemporary cabin
amongst Aspen and Pine

A clearing amongst Aspen and Pine makes way for an understated home, positioned to take in long views across Wyoming’s Snake River Valley and the mountains beyond. Our clients wanted a house that embraced this majestic setting. A peaceful, modern retreat to recharge whilst immersed in nature.

The building is formed of two contrasting volumes. The first ‘living’ structure is transparent, open to panoramic views, and filled with natural light from sunrise to sunset. A substantial douglas fir frame provides a feeling of warmth and enclosure.

The second, taller, black timber-clad building contains more practical aspects of the home, including the bedrooms. Upstairs, tucked into the eaves, the library and guest rooms nestle under a tent-like vaulted roof.

A limited palette of natural materials and tactile elements were chosen to reflect the surrounding landscape. Oak flooring and hemlock ceilings, reminiscent of traditional cabins, contrast with expanses of frameless, thermally insulated glass.

A contemporary home that both respects and takes advantage of its extraordinary setting.

McLean Quinlan
Interior Design
McLean Quinlan
Executive Architect
Berlin Architects
Structural Engineer
G&S Structural Engineers
Cox Construction Inc.
David Agnello