A home hidden away
in a Devonshire valley

Nearly two decades on from its original completion, we have revisited and photographed Devon Valley House.

Tucked beneath a hill and hidden from view, this new build home sits in a picturesque Devon valley. The brief was to create a contemporary family home that would sit quietly among its surroundings, replacing the dilapidated farmhouse which once sat on the site. The new building closely followed the envelope of the original but the details and look are very different, giving a much more contemporary feel.

Inside, the house is open, light and understated with the ground floor almost entirely open plan. With the living area partitioned from the kitchen and dining area by an open-ended wall that contains the fireplace and chimney.

The scheme made use of a simple form and a restricted palette of materials, reflecting local building traditions and incorporating modern construction methods. Clad almost entirely in stones salvaged from the demolition, the dark grey stone contrasts dramatically with the swathes of glass and the concrete support that run almost the width of the house.

One of the more beautiful things I’ve ever seen

— Alain de Botton, author and broadcaster

A stone pathway leads down to the house and across a pebble-filled moat. The surrounding gardens and landscaping were integral to the design. Drawing inspiration from Lutyens and Jekyll, the planting and building work together to complement each other and create a home very much within the traditions of the best of domestic British architecture.

McLean Quinlan
Interior Design
McLean Quinlan, Client
Executive Architect
Evans Johnson
Forestdyne Ltd
Landscape Consultants
Jim Stephenson